Ray Jordan's Wine Experince 12 Pack

A mixed selection of 12 wines

A selection of wines that have been hand picked by the well known wine reviewer Ray Jordan.   Included in this pack is 1. Coca I Fito Jaspi Negre2. Coca I Fito Jaspi Blanc3. Watson Cabernet Merlot4. Watson Sauvignon Blanc Semillon5. Credaro 5 Tales Chardonnay6. Credaro 5 Tales Cabernet Sauvignon7. de Bortoli King Valley Prosecco8. Babich Sauvignon Blanc9. Mt Monster Shiraz10. Hamelin Bay Cabernet Merlot11. Pinot Grigio 'Fabiano' Carlo Damiani12. Parcel Punks 'Bastard White' Rose

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