Auchentoshan 1984 Berry Bro's & Rudd

Triple distilled whisky which, although quite light in style, is highly regarded for its smooth character

Drawn from Cask Ref 4475 Many years of maturation has given this fine Lowland malt a remarkably soft yet complex nose which abounds with tropical fruit. The palate is expressive and clean with playful fruitiness and a pleasing citrussy finish.

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Tasting Notes
Nose custard powder, freshly scraped vanilla, fresh tropical fruit slices, there are hints of sour fruit peels in here plum and nectarine skins, along with notes of citrus pith and peel and gentle pressed flowers.
Taste Quite sweet and powdery, pressed flowers and hints of chalk, lovely sweet juicy fruits, like a blended tropical fruit juice and canned fruit salad smoothie, nectarine and plum skins and lots of vanilla, custard slices with custard and puff pastry.
Finish sweet, custardy, floral, yummy.

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