Bruichladdich Rare & Old 1984 All In

The 1984 is drawn from just 12 casks of classic Bourbon-aged Bruichladdich, a style Adam considers to be: “the ultimate expression of our spirit. The fruit, the faint salt tang, the signature elegance is all there with layer upon layer of vanilla/butterscotch complexity.”

  In a poignant footnote to the bottlings leaving Islay, the distiller acknowledged that:“There is a tinge of sadness associated with seeing these great casks and the iconic whiskies they contain leaving our warehouses, even though memories of them will echo round these walls forever.”  43.7% ABV. Vatted from 12 casks of ‘classic’ Bourbon-aged Bruichladdich, filled in December 1984 then moved into fresh Bourbon casks in 2008.

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Tasting Notes
Nose layers of vanilla and honey, toffee, syrup, with a note of fennel and sage in the distance. Dried apricots, pears. Mead. Apple, mint, bay leaves. Traces of fabric softener. Tropical fruits and the sugars return, Demerara perhaps. Green tea. More honey.
Colour burnished gold.
Taste awesome texture to this and a huge hit of flavour for the ABV. Heather honey with Seville orange marmalade. Not as sweet as the nose: this has quite the herbal undertone, vegetative, mineral notes. Buttermilk, Custard Cream biscuits. Cloying and thick, with golden syrup cake, ground almonds.

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