Glenfiddich Rich Oak Whisky 700ml

This single malt Scotch whisky is alive with flavour.

After 14 years maturing in fine Spanish oak and American Bourbon casks the Malt Master carefully selects virgin Spanish and American oak casks to release extra layers of aroma and flavour into our whisky. Has been Discontinued by Glenfiddich Distillery.

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per bottle
Tasting Notes
Colour Rich gold, brassy appearance.
Nose Creamy vanilla, a soft toffee sweetness and spicy oak with layers of ripe summer fruit and walnuts.
Taste Candied fruit, with layers of ripe summer fruit with vanilla subtleties. Finish is medium to full bodied, with a supple mouth feel and a pleasant spiciness throughout, the palate offers mildly Sherried flavours by way of a semi sweet, fruit-malt interplay.
Region Dufftown

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