The Chita Single Grain

"Being corn based, like bourbon, the whisky is on the sweeter side. Reports have it that this is aged for around 12 years. There's unanimous praise across the web for this 'secret' gem"

"WITH VERSTILE FLAVOURS AND EXQUISITE BALANCE, Chita grain whiskies have traditionally been used as the "dashi" or broth that enhances the harmony of Suntory blends.Through continuous research and innovation, Chita’s grain whiskies have achieved an unrivaled sophistication and a level of complexity that lets them finally take center stage."   

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Tasting Notes
Nose Mango, lemon meringue, and toffee pudding.
Colour Warm gold.
Taste Light with a chewy mouth-feel and notes of mango, grape must, orange-blossom honey, and roasted grain.
Finish Tender, sweet chocolate with orange zest.

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